Joseph Stewart’s Fine Art Production Enterprise LLC specializes in the production, conservation and installation of time-based media and otherwise technology-involved artworks.

We have extensive experience with 3D modeling; all types of 3D printing; CNC milling, turning and machining; sheet metal fabrication; acrylic/plexiglass fabrication; complex sculpture fabrication; finishing; interactive and kinetic artworks; software, electronics and mechanical engineering; audio/video production, engineering and mastering; custom-made speakers; custom-made installation hardware; conservation and reverse-engineering of undocumented historical artworks; time-based media exhibition design and production.

We have worked with many of the world’s most respected artists, galleries and institutions including:

Kelly Akashi
Meriem Bennani
Sougwen Chung
Matt Copson
Martin Creed
Trisha Donnelly
Dover Street Market
Shannon Ebner
Empty Gallery
Peter Fiscshli
Charles Gaines
Nikolas Gambaroff
François Ghebaly Gallery
The Getty
Hammer Museum
Hauser & Wirth
High Art
House of Gaga
Alex Hubbard
ICA Miami
Cooper Jacoby
Arthur Jafa
Mike Kelly
Adam Linder
Tala Madani
Matthew Marks Gallery
Palace Skateboards
Fernando Palma
Sean Raspet
Jason Rhoades
Reynaldo Rivera
Gary Simmons
Reena Spaulings Fine Art
Jesse Stecklow
LeRoy Stevens
Jennifer West
Lisa Williamson

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